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About Kaleshwara Vaastu Consultations, LLC

Kaleshwara Vaastu Consultations, LLC is a US based international Vaastu consulting organization independently owned and operated by people who have been trained and certified in Kaleshwara Vaastu™. Kaleshwara Vaastu Consultations, LLC has an exclusive licensing arrangement with Sri Sai Kaleshwara to use Kaleshwara Vaastu™ in its consulting and teaching work. This structure is set up to ensure the quality of Kaleshwara Vaastu™ and establish it as the diamond standard for Vaastu in the world.

Vaastu can change people’s lives, just by following some simple fundamentals. In this spirit, we are offering some basic information on this website. However, if you are considering implementing any changes to your home or property we strongly advise you gain a more in depth understanding of Kaleshwara Vaastu™ by reading Victory Through Vaastu

If the changes are intended to address serious problems in your life and/or entail major expense we also strongly recommend you contact us for a Vaastu consultation. Vaastu is a vast and delicate knowledge with profound implications for our lives. It is a powerful tool. Vaastu, like nature itself, has the ability to both create and destroy. For example, a doorway that is correctly positioned brings prosperity and success. The same doorway moved a few inches into an inauspicious direction can bring accidents and financial losses. Because of its extraordinary power, correct knowledge is essential.

Consultations and courses will be available to the public soon. Watch this website for course offerings and for details about our services. If you are interested in a consultation on the Vaastu of an existing home or property, the suitability of a place that you intend to rent or buy, a site that you plan to build on, or the design for a new home, please send a brief description of your interest along with your name, address and e-mail to: info at