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Clint Thompson, MD (Nityaananda) and Monika M. Taylor

Both Clint and Monika have studied directly with Sri Kaleshwar since 1997, the world’s master of Kaleshwara Vaastu. They have spent much of their time in India with Sri Kaleshwar, who personally trained them in Vaastu in sites in India, Europe and America. Awarded Vaastu Consulation Certification in 2004; currently only a handful of people worldwide have received this certification. They continue to work, study and train with Sri Kaleshwar. They both teach at the “Soul University in Penukonda, India”:, the premier center for Vaastu learning. Monika was the senior editor of Victory Through Vaastu, The Science of Vedic Architecture, by Sri Kaleshwar, published in 2003.

Eric Hamilton

Since 2000, Eric has studied directly under Vaastu master, Sri Kaleshwar. Since 2007, he has been doing Vaastu consultations in collaboration with Clint Thompson MD (Nityaananda), and Monika Taylor, Swami’s senior Vaastu consultants. Some cases are reviewed directly with Sri Kaleshwar. Eric teaches Vaastu and other courses at the Soul University in Penukonda, online, Europe and Asia. With his wife, Veemala, they recently moved to Austin, Texas where they provide international commercial and residential building design and blueprint services, consulting and workshops. Vaastu School

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