Sri Kaleshwar Kaleshwara Vaastu Victory Through Vaastu
Kaleshwara Vaastu

The Fundamentals of Vaastu

Important Points About Fire Placement

The fire element has the capacity to transform – such as when you use fire to cook food or to heat and light your home. But, great care must be taken with the placement of the fire element within your home. Fire transforms, but is also can turn everything to ash. An unbalanced fire element creates disturbance in relationships, health problems and unnatural fear. Stoves, fireplaces and to a lesser degree boilers, furnaces, water heaters and electrical fuse boxes all constitute fire element features in a home.

Auspicious Fire Placement

Fire in the Southeast or Northwest

The southeast is the home of the fire element and the northwest is the home of the air element.  Because of the interconnectedness of these two elements, fire features should only be placed in the southeast or northwest of any room, building or property.  This includes kitchens, stoves, fireplaces, open flames and outdoor cooking features.

Inauspicious Fire Placement

Fire in the Northeast or Southwest

A fire feature should not be situated in the southwest or northeast quadrant of a property, building or room.  A kitchen or fireplace, for example, in the southwest brings conflicts and arguments.  A kitchen or fireplace in the northeast will cause whatever money you make to ‘burn up’ and go away.  It also brings health problems, conflicts and arguments.