Sri Kaleshwar Kaleshwara Vaastu Victory Through Vaastu
Kaleshwara Vaastu

Vaastu at a Glance

Downward Slope

Property should slope downward from the south to north and/or from west to east. (This applies to the property, surrounding land, floor levels within the house and the roof.)

Height & Weight

Must be in the southwest, south or west. (This applies to the property, surrounding land, buildings and rooms.)

Bodies of Water

Must be located in the north, east or northeast of the property. Water should flow to the north, east or northeast.

Give Priority to the Northeast

Pay close attention to the northeast quadrant and give it top priority whenever possible. Extend it or place water features there. Never cut it off! Never put height and weight, kitchens, staircases, toilets, sewage tanks or garbage in the northeast.


Top preference should be given to the northeast. After this, it can be given to any auspicious direction. This applies to both the property and buildings.


Streets must hit your property at auspicious directions. Top preference is given to roads in the north and east.

Compound Walls & Fences

It is essential to have a wall or fence to create boundaries around a property. They should be built before any other construction begins.

Morning Sun

Should shine into as many rooms as possible from the east.

Open Land

Must be more open land to the north and east than to the south and west.

Auspicious Shapes

The best is a square or rectangle with the northeast extended, even if only by a few inches.

Auspicious Movements

Movements should be auspicious and bring you to the northeast.


Top preference is given to the northeast quadrant. After this, any auspicious direction is acceptable.

Room Orientation

Rooms should be located in the correct locations of the house. (Master bedroom in the southwest; kitchen in the southeast or northwest, toilets anywhere except the northeast; and no bedrooms in the northeast.)


Staircases should never be located in the northeast or create negative extensions. When landing, you should face north or east.


Roofs should be highest in the south, west or southwest; extend or slope more to the north, east or northeast. Rainwater should flow to the north or east.


Cook food facing only east or north.


Never sleep with your head to the north. Priority is given to the south, next is west and, finally, the east.