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Kaleshwara Vaastu

Kaleshwara Vaastu™

Sri Sai Kaleshwara is one of India’s most highly regarded living saints and he considers Vaastu to be essential for a happy, successful life. His commitment to Vaastu is absolute and uncompromising. “It’s better to live in a hut under a tree than to live in bad Vaastu,” he states. This may seem extreme to those who are unfamiliar with the profound impact of Vaastu but the results speak for themselves.

Vaastu is a revealed science. It was discovered by the ancient maharishis through their meditations and direct observation of nature. In the same manner, Sri Sai Kaleshwara, a modern rishi, has observed, tested and adapted Vaastu to suit the unique needs of modern times. Because of this, the principles of Kaleshwara Vaastu™ are unique.

In every aspect of his life, Sri Kaleshwar teaches only what he himself has tested and implemented. He has personally tried and tested the precepts of Vaastu in the construction of his ashram in India and has advised thousands of people in several different countries about their homes and properties.

Times change and knowledge also needs to be adapted in order to suit the times. In Sri Kaleshwar’s view, people in this age are too burdened with financial constraints to be able to focus on the really important things in life. Many of their problems could be solved if they simply had greater prosperity. In this material age, prosperity is needed to function well in the world and to create positive change. One example of the way that Sri Kaleshwar has changed Vaastu is that he most often gives priority to the north rather than the east which is traditional Vaastu. He does this because the north brings prosperity.

Sri Kaleshwar considers the knowledge of Vaastu to be an essential tool to help relieve the suffering of the world. It is his commitment to bring this ancient system of knowledge to the public so everyone can make use of it. He predicts that in 20 years, the secret power of Vaastu will be recognized and used around the globe.

The prevailing literature on Vaastu is obscure and confusing and beyond the reach of the layperson. In addition, Sri Kaleshwar disagrees with 30% of the traditional information given about Vaastu. Some of this information can lead to serious negative consequences.

In an effort to make Vaastu accessible to the world, Sri Kaleshwar wrote, Victory Through Vaastu—Transforming Your Life Through the Ancient Science of Vedic Architecture. In his book, the science of Vaastu is simplified and demystified. The fundamentals of Vaastu are laid out systematically so that the underlying principles behind the rules of Vaastu can be understood. The principles are given in an easy-to-understand, straightforward manner so that everyone may benefit from this extraordinary knowledge.