Sri Kaleshwar Kaleshwara Vaastu Victory Through Vaastu
Kaleshwara Vaastu

The Fundamentals of Vaastu

Principle Three: Downward Slope

The Principle of Downward Slope reveals the correct placement of slopes and lower elevations on a property. A downward slope amplifies the energy of the direction towards which the slope flows. Downward slopes should be to the north, east and especially northeast.

The northeast should always be the lowest point on a property and the southwest, the highest. No matter what, the northeast should never be higher than any other part of the property. If the land is completely flat it is acceptable. Slope applies to the property, land surrounding the property, roofs, and floor levels within a building and a room. Generally, the slopes that influence the Vaastu of a property the most are the slopes of the surrounding land and the property itself. Note: The arrows always point in the direction of downward slope.

Northeast Slope

Downward Slope to the Northeast

Benefits:  Very Auspicious.  A property or its surrounding land with a slope down to the northeast is one of the most beneficial features in Vaastu.  A northeast slope brings wealth, peace, name, fame, and success in both material and spiritual endeavors.

North Slope

Downward Slope to the North

Benefits: Very Auspicious. This is the second most powerful downward slope. A slope down to the north brings tremendous prosperity, material success, peace, name, fame and the ability to solve problems.

East Slope

Downward Slope to the East

Benefits: Very Auspicious. The influences of an east slope are those associated with the benefits of the morning sun. An east slope brings noble qualities, peace, clarity, wisdom, inspiration, name and fame.

Southwest Slope

Downward Slope to the Southwest

Results: Very Dangerous. It is a life risk. Avoid at all cost. Never stay-simply get out. Brings unnatural deaths, accidents, suicide, murder, financial ruin, illness, fighting, jealousy, enemies, mistrust, worry and depression. It negatively affects character, leading to immoral behavior.

South Slope

Downward Slope to the South

Results: Very Dangerous. It is a life risk. Brings accidents, terrible financial loss, confusion, depression, chronic illness, heartbreak, enemies and addictions.

West Slope

Downward Slope to the West

Results: Very Dangerous. It is a life risk. Brings failure, enemies, addictions, illness, heartbreak, relationship problems, depression, confusion and doubt. You will not be able to make money. Crazy things will start in your life. You will want to run away but you can't because it is hard to escape this negative influence.