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Kaleshwara Vaastu

The Fundamentals of Vaastu

Important Points About Water Placement

Water has a very powerful influence on Vaastu because it acts as a huge energy generator. Any water feature on a property will bring either strong positive or strong negative results to the inhabitants, so it is crucial to determine the Vaastu of any water features. However, accurately understanding how water is affecting a property requires considerable experience and knowledge of Vaastu. If your home is near an ocean or has a lake, pond, river, pool, fountain or well, we recommend you read Victory Through Vaastu to more deeply understand the influence of water.

Basically there are two aspects that determine the Vaastu of water: 1) Placement and 2) Direction of Flow. Water on or near a property should be located in the north, east or northeast. There are, however, a few exceptions (see Victory Through Vaastu). The surface level of water located in auspicious directions should always be below the ground level of the rest of the property.

Water in Northeast

Water in the Northeast

Benefits: Very Auspicious. One of the most beneficial features in Vaastu. Brings the greatest divine blessings and success to every aspect of life. Creates material and spiritual prosperity, success, name and fame, health, happiness, harmonious relationships, peace and good fortune.

Water in North

Water in the North

Benefits: Very Auspicious. Having water in the north is another top feature in Vaastu. Brings great material prosperity, success, peace, willpower, happiness and good fortune.

Water in East

Water in the East

Benefits: Very Auspicious. Water in the east increases the effects of the morning sun and is highly beneficial. Brings brilliant thoughts, name and fame, knowledge, wisdom and peace. Improves social status and increases noble qualities.

Water in Southwest

Water in the Southwest

Results: Very Dangerous. One of the worst features in Vaastu. It is a life risk. Creates fear and disaster. You cannot survive on such a property. Brings unnatural death by accidents or chronic and fatal disease; also divorce, immoral behavior, defamation of character, fighting, enemies and financial ruin. You cannot live peacefully here. You will want to leave but you will not find it easy to do so. It is responsible for every kind of destructive occurrence, except fire.

Water in South

Water in the South

Results: Very Dangerous. It is a life risk. Brings accidental deaths, illnesses, financial loss, mental stress and depression. Affects women most strongly.

Water in West

Water in the West

Results: Very Dangerous. It is a life risk to men. Brings unnatural death through chronic diseases, financial ruin, defamation of character, undesirable relationships, unbalanced mentality and strange, immoral behavior.